Dr. Supawan Saelim

Project Manager Energy Policy Southeast Asia

Supawan Saelim works as a project manager supporting Agora’s work in Southeast Asia with the focus on energy transition policies. She seeks to conduct research and policy dialogues to provide evidence-based insights for interested stakeholders in Southeast Asia, leveraging European and international experience on transforming the energy sectors.

Before joining Agora, Supawan has worked for USAID Clean Power Asia program for three and a half years, managing projects to advise the Government of Southeast Asian countries on renewable energy policies with studies on the economic and technical impacts of distributed PV, disruptive technologies in the power sector and renewable energy auctions. She also worked as a researcher for the study on a peer-to-peer electricity trading project funded by Thailand’s Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission. Prior to joining USAID Clean Power Asia, she gained research experience with international organizations on energy and climate mitigation policies, and has several years’ experience at PwC Thailand assisting the public and private sector on feasibility studies, valuation, and high-level market analysis.

She holds a PhD in Economics from the National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand and a MSc in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment from the University of York, United Kingdom.

Supawan hat einen Doktortitel in Wirtschaftswissenschaften vom National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand, und einen MSc in Projektanalyse, Finanzen und Investitionen von der University of York, Vereinigtes Königreich.

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