Robin Emlein

Team Assistant Europe

Robin  Emlein

Robin Emlein joined Agora in January 2021. As Team Assistant for the Brussels office, she coordinates internal and external activities and provides support for events and publications in French and English in connection with the EU. Before joining Agora in Brussels, Robin lived in Paris, where she worked as a freelance art historian and as an editor at the French National Institute of Art History. She holds a Master’s degree in art history from the École du Louvre, and Bachelor’s degrees in Dutch and French from the Sorbonne and Wellesley College.

Mehr Informationen zur grünen #Gebäudewärme in Norwegen gibt’s auf unserer Webseite. Hier geht’s lang: 2/2

Grüne #Gebäudewärme reduziert unseren Bedarf an fossilen Brennstoffen. Norwegen hat es geschafft, mit #Wärmepumpen, grüner Fernwärme, CO2-Preis & Verbot fossiler Heizkessel die Gebäudewärme klimaneutral zu gestalten. Mehr in unseren #SuccessStories: 1/2

Do you want to learn more about the near-complete decarbonisation of #heating in the buildings sector in Norway? Find more information here: 2/2

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