Philipp Litz

Project Manager "International Coal Transition"

Philipp  Litz
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Philipp Litz works as project manager "International Coal Transition" in the International Team. He is responsible for climate mitigation, coal Phase-out and ‘Just Transition’. Philipp Litz joined Agora Energiewende in 2013 as an analyst. Since 2014 he has mainly worked on the future of coal-fired power generation in Germany and has supervised numerous studies on coal phase-out and structural change in the coal regions. In 2018 he supported the work of the chair of the Commission "Growth, Structural Change and Employment.

Philipp Litz is a political economist and studied political science at the Technical University of Dresden as well as political economy with a focus on environmental and climate policy at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Der Entwurf zum nationalen Emissionshandel für den Wärme- und Verkehrsektor (nEHS) ist da. Das neue Gesetz soll Gesetz über ein nationales Emissionshandelssystem für Brennstoffemissionen (BEHG) heißen und soll 23 Paragrafen umfassen (inkl. eines Platzhalters für § 10). 1/22

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