Nelly Azaïs

Project Manager

Part of Team Europe and based in Brussels, Nelly Azaïs has been Project Manager on EU Green Deal issues since January 2021. She previously worked as a consultant and project manager with COWI and Ecorys on European energy and climate change policy for two key clients: the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. She was also a researcher for Tokyo Electric Power Company on the European electricity market’s liberalisation process at their London Office. Over the years, Nelly Azaïs has worked on various aspects of the energy sector, such as energy generation technologies, systems, markets, energy efficiency, climate mitigation and adaptation. She is familiar with programme and project evaluations and impact assessments. Nelly Azaïs holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Japanese Studies (Dual Honours) from the University of Sheffield (UK) as well as Masters in International Relations from the University of Sussex (UK) and Economics and Politics of Energy and the Environment from the IFP School/INSTN (France).

Zum #Agorameter geht’s hier entlang:

Mehr erneuerbare & weniger fossile Stromerzeugung, eine gesunkene Stromnachfrage & temporär günstigere Erdgasverstromung drücken den Strompreis im Januar im Mittel um ca. 30% bzw. 50€/MWh (=5 ct/kWh) gegenüber dem Vorjahresmonat. 3/3

Kosten für Gasverstromung fallen um 22% ggü. Jan/22 aufgrund entspannter Versorgungslage ➡️ milde Witterung (+0,9°C), volle Gasspeicher (+30%) & Verbrauchsrückgang reduzieren Gas- & Kohlenachfrage. Wird der Februar kalt, könnten fossile Energiepreise schnell wieder steigen. 2/3

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