Michaela Holl

Project Lead EU Green Deal

Michaela  Holl

Michaela Holl joined the Brussels office of Agora Energiewende in March 2021 as a Senior Associate and works on issues relating to the Green Deal, Green Recovery and Green Finance. She was an official at the European Commission for 16 years with responsibility on renewables finance, energy infrastructure, the Clean Energy package and energy efficiency in buildings. She also has working experience as a parliamentary researcher and assistant at the European Parliament, again mainly on energy and climate policies.

Michaela holds a Master in European Economics from the College of Europe and a diploma in international business and cultural studies. She speaks fluently English, French and German and has rusty knowledge of Spanish and Hebrew. She is a guest lecturer on energy transition at TU Munich School of Governance.

New piece with more of my thoughts on #REPowerEU & the release of #EUETS permits from the MSR, which this proposal turns into a Market Instability Reserve. “This is not so much about the number of allowances but about the principle.” table.media/europe/en/feat… via @Europe_Table_

@bramcla Love the esbjorg currency converter:-) I think ec repower Eu plans with 6 mt homegrown and 10 mt exports. So not quite as much but still more than enough for strict additionality to be a good idea

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