Michael Schäfer

Senior Advisor

Michael  Schäfer

Michael Schäfer supports Agora Energiewende as a Senior Advisor. He was Director Climate and Energy at WWF Germany and member of the Leadership Team of WWF International`s Climate and Energy Practice from 2017 to 2020. Previously, he served as a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for 10 years and was Head of Staff to Reinhard Bütikofer, Co-Chairman of the Green Party, during the parties second term in federal government. Michael Schäfer started his career as a copywriter in Hamburg. He holds a Diploma in Administrative Studies.

Danke @schaefer_berlin of @AgoraEW for sharing powerful ideas at today's discussion on #SDGs as yardsticks for #publicinvestment in #energy & #transport. Recording will be available tomorrow & announced here #GreenRecovery #GreenDeal #StimulusPackage #SDG @agoraverkehr #climate twitter.com/sd_strategies/…

Climate and Nature cartoon of the day: Wash Your hands! @mackaycartoons pic.twitter.com/KXi4K0BnVT

Die intransparent ausgehandelten & unplausiblen Entschädigungen für Braunkohle-Stilllegungen sind konzeptionell & bzgl. ihrer Höhe ein Irrweg, der mit Blick auf die Beihilfekontrolle auch wenig robust sein dürfte: Unsere Analyse+Alternativvorschlag hier: oeko.de/fileadmin/oeko…

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