Mauricio Belaunde

Project Manager Hydrogen Policy

Mauricio  Belaunde
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Mauricio Belaunde is part of the Hydrogen Team, where he is responsible for EU hydrogen policy and related policy issues. Before joining Agora Energiewende, Mauricio Belaunde was a Policy Officer at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, where he worked on the development of the Austrian Hydrogen Strategy.

He holds a Master of Public Administration in Science, Engineering and Public Policy from University College London, and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology in Vienna.


Agora-Experte Thorsten Lenck im @DLF: Wie folgen auf höhere Ausbauziele jetzt mehr #Windenergie|projekte? Insbesondere die Beschleunigung von Genehmigungsprozessen schafft den Hochlauf der Windindustrie. Es braucht einen Pakt zwischen #BuReg & Herstellern.

Amidst the #EnergyCrisis getting off fossil fuels is more important than ever: How #Germany can reach 80% #renewables by 2030 and a climate neutral power sector by 2035? This way for comprehensive modeling and policy recommendations👇…

And the full version of our study (in German) is available here: 10/10

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