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Mara Marthe  Kleiner
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Mara Marthe Kleiner is working as a Project Manager for the management team of Agora Energiewende. Prior, she has worked as project manager in Agora’s China team, focusing on renewable and fossil fuel policies as well as strategic communication. She also gained experience as an analyst and data specialist. In this role she monitored the progress of energy policies in Germany and Europe, analyzed feed-in data and conducted analysis on system costs, as well as energy policies such as the renewable energy law and the power market law. Further, she supported Agora’s communication department by developing online tools such as the Agorameter and the EEG calculator, editing publications and coordinating the development of Agora’s corporate identity.

Mara holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, which she studied with a focus on quantitative methods and international political economy in Mannheim, Bremen and Maastricht. She lives in Berlin and Beijing and enjoys sailing in her spare time.


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