Mara Marthe Kleiner

Head of the Director’s office / Manager Policy and Strategic Development

Mara Marthe  Kleiner
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Mara Marthe Kleiner heads the office of Agora Energiewende’s Executive Director. She is part of Agora’s Management Team and responsible for policy and strategic development.

Mara works for Agora Energiewende since 2014. Until the end of 2018, she was part of the Agora’s Team International and worked in the China team, focusing on renewable and fossil fuel policies as well as strategic communication. Prior, she has worked as an analyst and data specialist. Further, she supported Agora’s communication department by developing online tools such as the Agorameter and the EEG calculator, editing publications and coordinating the development of Agora’s corporate identity.

Mara holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, which she studied with a focus on quantitative methods and international political economy in Mannheim, Bremen and Maastricht. In her spare time, she enjoys sailing on historical boats.



04 January

I suggest we get smart. Lose hope. Blame the poets. And fall in love.

Bei der Post in Berlin muss man sich 1-4 Tage freinehmen, möglichst unauffällig aber besonders anziehen, in der Warteschlange nicht reden oder lachen, nicht zu erwartungsfreudig gucken und dann hat man es vielleicht am Türsteher vorbei geschafft aber immernoch kein Paket.


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