Dr. Leandro Janke

Project Lead Hydrogen

Leandro  Janke
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Leandro Janke works as a Project Lead in the Hydrogen team. He surveys the latest market and technology developments to assess business opportunities for hydrogen and power-to-x products based on techno-economic and environmental metrics. In this context, he further evaluates policy instruments in support of the market uptake of hydrogen and its derivatives.

Prior to joining Agora, Leandro worked at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in different academic positions. As a researcher, he coordinated an ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems project called Power-2-Transport and authored multiple publications on renewable hydrogen and synthetic methane production. He was also involved in teaching, supervision, and mentoring activities.

Leandro obtained his PhD degree from the University of Rostock in cooperation with the German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) for his research on the topic of biogas production from sugarcane waste in Brazil. While working at the DBFZ, he was involved in research, development, and consultancy projects in Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. To date, he still collaborates with Brazilian academic partners on topics like bioresource recovery, biogas and renewable hydrogen production.

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Andreas Graf
Andreas Graf


26 September

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