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Director International Programme (until September 2022)

Jesse  Scott
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    Until September 2022, Jesse Scott was Director of International Programmes at Agora Energiewende. She led Agora’s work on the energy transition beyond Europe in major and emerging economies, including research projects, collaborations with country partner think tanks, and strategy. Before joining Agora in February 2019, Jesse worked at the International Energy Agency in Paris where she was a lead author of the Agency’s pathbreaking report on the opportunities and risks of digitalizing the energy system. Prior to that, she worked for fifteen years in Brussels on European Union energy and climate policy-making, including as Head of Climate and Environment for the electricity sector association Eurelectric and as organiser of cross-sector advocacy to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System from 2011 to 2014.

    In autumn 2022, Jesse Scott is taking a part-sabbatical while joining DIW as a visiting researcher to work with the German government on G7 and G20 agenda follow through and on Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs). She also continues to teach at the Hertie School Centre for Sustainability. Jesse’s experience spans business, government, campaigning, law, and think tanks. She holds a degree and masters from Cambridge University and also studied in Italy at the European University Institute.

    Frank Peter
    Frank Peter


    25 September

    Das Energie- oder Klimageld, also die Pro-Kopf-Erstattung ist als Lösung seit 3 Jahren in der Diskussion. Anstatt immer wieder die Schwierigkeit der Umsetzung zu erläutern, können wir bitte anfangen nach einer Lösung zu suchen. Wir werden das Instrument ohnehin brauchen #AnneWill

    The business elite believe Brazil could reap enormous dividends from “green” investments and combating climate change, if the next administration in Brasília shows more interest in protecting the Amazon.…

    Glen Peters
    Glen Peters


    25 September

    Having fossil fuels is no guarantee of high GDP per capita! * Coal (bottom left) has lower profitability in lower income countries * Oil (top) generally has higher rents per unit of energy * OECD (bottom right) has relatively low rents per unit energy…

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