Janna Hoppe

Project Officer Buildings and Heat Grids

Janna  Hoppe

Janna Hoppe works at Agora Energiewende on heating and the decarbonization of the building sector.

Before joining Agora Energiewende, she worked as a research assistant at ETH Zurich. Her research focused on phasing out carbon-intensive technologies as well as on issues related to the acceptance of climate mitigation measures. She gained further professional experience in the field of energy and climate policy at Germanwatch, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the International Carbon Action Partnership, and AvantGarde Energy. 

Janna studied Sustainable Management, Environmental Science and Policy in Berlin, Budapest, Mytilene, Lund and Manchester. In her thesis she investigated socio-technical transitions in the coal industry.

Zum #Agorameter geht’s hier entlang: bit.ly/3wPEDqV

Mehr erneuerbare & weniger fossile Stromerzeugung, eine gesunkene Stromnachfrage & temporär günstigere Erdgasverstromung drücken den Strompreis im Januar im Mittel um ca. 30% bzw. 50€/MWh (=5 ct/kWh) gegenüber dem Vorjahresmonat. 3/3 pic.twitter.com/bUhBtckz92

Kosten für Gasverstromung fallen um 22% ggü. Jan/22 aufgrund entspannter Versorgungslage ➡️ milde Witterung (+0,9°C), volle Gasspeicher (+30%) & Verbrauchsrückgang reduzieren Gas- & Kohlenachfrage. Wird der Februar kalt, könnten fossile Energiepreise schnell wieder steigen. 2/3 pic.twitter.com/46MGgpOGEw

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