Janek Steitz

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Janek  Steitz
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Janek Steitz joined Agora Energiewende as project manager focusing on key issues of national and European policy.

Before that, Janek spent more than two years with Active Philanthropy, a non-profit consultancy supporting private and institutional philanthropists design and execute climate change mitigation strategies. He started his professional career as consultant in the Valuation, Modeling & Economics division at Ernst & Young.

Janek studied Economics in Münster and Lisbon, and Management in Leipzig and Taipei.

As some of you may already know, I’ve recently joined @AgoraEW in the role of Energy & Climate Advisor. I’m stoked to be working with this incredibly smart bunch on policy recommendations consistent with net-zero. Let’s get #hydrogen done right. (Thx @ed_hawkins 4 stripes) pic.twitter.com/uVp1qY8hX2

#renewableenergies are responsible for 36% of the electricity generation, thanks to a sunny and windy November. Compared to November 2019, the price of electricity decreased (-5%). As a result of the fuel switch from coal to gas, emissions decreased as well (-3%). #Agorameter pic.twitter.com/JCXgME2V02

Retrospect November #electricitymarket: demand for electricity at the level of November last year. Solar #PV (+49%) and #wind (+11%) compensate for decline in nuclear. Reduced generation from lignite (-3%) and hard coal (-13%) contrasts with increase in natural gas (+20%). pic.twitter.com/RWYmblN6mX

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