Frank Peter

Deputy Executive Director and Head of Team Germany

Frank  Peter
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Frank Peter is Deputy Executive Director of Agora Energiewende. In this function, he oversees Agora’s activities in Germany. Before joining Agora, he has been working at Prognos AG in Berlin for 12 years. He has led several projects on climate mitigation, power market development and renewable energy for clients in the public and private sector. In this context, he has regularly served as an independent expert on various energy issues for the German Bundestag and the Federal Government. Frank Peter holds a degree in engineering (environmental technology) from the Berlin University of Technology.



14 December

Deutlich höhere Strom-Übertragungskapazität, ohne mehr Platz zu beanspruchen: @MDRAktuell berichtet über die innova……

Warum heben Gerichte Planungen von Windkonzentrationszonen in Regional- und Flächennutzungsplänen auf? Unser aktuel……

Frank Peter
Frank Peter


12 December

@Ahnen_und_Enkel @euleminerva @50Hertzcom Diese Stimme wird im Bereich der Netzbetreiber fehlen.

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