Farah Mohammadzadeh Valencia

Project Manager Training Programme Energy Transitions

Farah  Mohammadzadeh Valencia

Before joining Agora Energiewende in 2018, Farah Mohammadzadeh Valencia spent five years at the World Bank where she worked as an energy specialist. During that time, she worked on infrastructure and policy projects as well as long-term studies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Farah Mohammadzadeh Valencia also worked as a development and marketing manager for a solar company focused on Latin American and Caribbean. She has further work experience in Bolivia, Paraguay and Niger.

Farah Mohammadzadeh Valencia earned a Masters degree in International Relations with a focus on "Environment, Sustainable Development and Risks" from Sciences Po Paris in 2011 and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Boston University in 2009.


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