Dr. Patrick Graichen

Executive Director

Patrick  Graichen

Patrick Graichen is Director of Agora Energiewende since January 2014, after having worked as its Deputy Director in 2012-2013. From 2001 to 2012, he worked at the Federal Ministry for Environment: first in the area of international climate policy, then from 2004 to 2006 as Personal Assistant to the Secretary of State in the ministry, and from 2007 as Head of the Unit for Energy and Climate Change Policy. During this time, he was in charge of negotiating the design of the economic instruments of the Kyoto Protocol, the Integrated Energy and Climate Programme of the Federal Government (2007), the EU’s Climate and Energy Package (2008), as well as the legislative procedures in the area of the energy law. The Federal Environment Ministry has granted Mr. Graichen leave for his work at Agora Energiewende. He has studied economics and political science, earning a Ph.D. on the topic of municipal energy policy at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental Economics, University of Heidelberg.

@OuLiFeng @quassy7 @zeitonline Antwort: jetzt anfangen. Nur halt nicht bei PKW und LKW, sondern in der Stahlindustrie, der Chemieindustrie und für Flugzeuge.

@Andy_Rudolph Das geht vielleicht in Nevada ☀️, aber bestimmt nicht in Brandenburg 🌦, hier braucht man schon beides, Solar- und Windenergie.

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