Dr. Camilla Oliveira

Project Manager Industry

Camilla Oliveira is a project manager at Agora Energiewende. Her work focuses on the decarbonisation of industrial sectors in the European Union and Brazil. She also supports the work of the Agora’s think tank partner in Brazil. Before joining Agora, she worked as a researcher at the Center for Energy and Environmental Economics (Cenergia/COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and as a consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme. In these positions, Camilla published scientific papers and reports on the decarbonisation of industrial sectors.

Camilla is a chemical engineer and has a master and a doctorate in energy planning from COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which included a research stay of one year at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Her PhD thesis focused on the role of biomaterials in energy transition scenarios in Brazil.

Camilla is a member of the Global Women’s Network for Energy Transition and an alumni of the EnerTracks programme organised by Agora and Renewables Academy. She is also an alumni of the Think Tank School organized by the German Council on Foreign Relations and the Mercator Institute for China Studies.

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09 November

"The most efficient low-emission pathway is #greenDRI for #steelproduction. But how do you make it cost-competitive? Heavy subsidisation isn't globally feasible. We need int'l carbon measurement standards or else true demand can't be scaled."-@aylinshawkat from @AgoraEW @ #COP27. pic.twitter.com/UP06m6ZFk3

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