Annika Buchholz

Assistant to the Executive Director

Annika  Buchholz

Annika Buchholz works at Agora Energiewende as Assistant to the Executive Director. She supports the director in his daily work and is the contact person for his appointments and everyday office life.

Before joining Agora Energiewende, Annika was the chief medical secretary at a Berlin hospital for three years. As a trained occupational therapist, she first worked in practices in Berlin and in a private clinic in Zurich before changing from work in the practice to an assistant after further training as a specialist in health and social services.

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Unser bisheriger Direktor @P_Graichen wechselt als Staatssekretär ins Bundeswirtschaftsministerium und wird künftig in der #BuReg für die Umsetzung der Klima- & Energiepolitik zuständig sein. Das @AgoraEW Team gratuliert dir sehr herzlich, lieber Patrick.

@gnievchenko from @AgoraEW will take part in our second-panel session on the role of gaseous fuels in #energy system resilience. #CEDE2021 📅 3 Dec., online All details can be found 👇

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