Anna Maria Liebold

Officer Project Controlling & Grant Management

Anna Maria Liebold

Anna Liebold works as a Project Officer for Controlling and Grant Management. She started her career at the photovoltaic manufacturer SOLARWATT in Dresden. Besides advice and assistance with photovoltaic project planning, Anna was involved in setting up and overseeing key distribution accounts.

Anna graduated from the Technical University Dresden and holds a diploma degree in industrial engineering, which deepened her expertise in renewable energy as well as finance and accounting. During her studies, she worked for the VSB Group. There, she developed and assessed operating strategies for energy storage systems and was responsible for reporting to the third-party donor as part of the research project DEMIKS.

Zum #Agorameter geht’s hier entlang:

Mehr erneuerbare & weniger fossile Stromerzeugung, eine gesunkene Stromnachfrage & temporär günstigere Erdgasverstromung drücken den Strompreis im Januar im Mittel um ca. 30% bzw. 50€/MWh (=5 ct/kWh) gegenüber dem Vorjahresmonat. 3/3

Kosten für Gasverstromung fallen um 22% ggü. Jan/22 aufgrund entspannter Versorgungslage ➡️ milde Witterung (+0,9°C), volle Gasspeicher (+30%) & Verbrauchsrückgang reduzieren Gas- & Kohlenachfrage. Wird der Februar kalt, könnten fossile Energiepreise schnell wieder steigen. 2/3

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