Dimitri Pescia

Programme Lead Southeast Asia

Dimitri Pescia is part of the European Energy Cooperation team at Agora Energiewende since December 2013. He previously worked for the French Department of Economic Affairs – international network of the Treasury – at the French Embassy in Berlin from 2008 to 2013, where he monitored and analyzed German energy, environment and raw material policies. Head of section Energy and raw materials, he worked to reinforce the French-German bilateral cooperation and conducted numerous benchmark studies of the German electricity market. From 2005 to 2007 he worked as a scientific policy officer for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a focus on energy efficiency, transportation and engineering. Native French speaker, Dimitri Pescia holds a Master of Science in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and an Imperial College London International Diploma.

A fossil fuel crisis is heating up energy debates in Germany & across the globe. Now, a successful ‘Energiewende’ is more important than ever. But what is the German #Energiewende? Our latest dashboard explores the Energiewende, its origins, goals, & challenges. 1/3 pic.twitter.com/WSfxUdZVCf

@LionHirth @IndraOverland This probably has to do with your 2010s work on integration costs and system value of wind and solar power. A hit in the nuclear industry! (and particularly in France 😉)

A #climateneutral #Japan based on renewables by 2050? @RenewableEI_EN & @UniLUT & Agora Energiewende show how it can be done. Spoiler: >40% #renewables by 2030, #electrification, #efficiency, #H2 and #climateaction now! Key findings 👇 THREAD. Details: bit.ly/3qCbF8z /1 pic.twitter.com/VIO5ektR6B


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