• Nelly Azaïs

    Project Manager
  • Dr. Claudio Baccianti

    Project Manager EU Sustainable Finance
  • Nikola Bock

    Senior Executive Events
  • Matthias Buck

    Director Europe
  • Helen Burmeister

    Project Officer Climate-Neutral Industry
  • Yu-Chi Chang

    Student Assistant International Energy Modelling
  • Thipyapa Chatprasop

    Project Officer / Team Assistant International Energy Transitions Southeast Asia
  • Ulrike Salva Chawiche

    Project Officer EnerTracks
  • Matthias Deja

    Student Assistant HR
  • Dr. Matthias Deutsch

    Programme Lead Hydrogen
  • Alexander Dusolt

    Senior Associate European Energy Policy
  • Aaron Ehrlich

    Student Assistant IT Support
  • Robin Emlein

    Team Assistant Europe
  • Milena Fahrholz

    Head of Finance
  • Vincenzo Franza

    Programme Lead Energy Analysis
  • Murielle Gagnebin

    Senior Associate EU and French Energy Policy
  • Philipp Godron

    Programme Lead International
  • Janne Görlach

    Manager Press and Communications
  • Andreas Graf

    Senior Associate EU Energy Policy
  • Bettina Groß

    Human Resources Manager
  • Marie Haßheider

    Head of HR
  • Philipp Daniel Hauser

    Programme Lead Climate-Neutral Industry
  • Fabian Hein

    Analyst Energy Statistics and Scenarios
  • Manuela Henderkes

  • Michaela Holl

    Project Lead EU Green Deal
  • Ema Jülich

    Team Assistant International
  • Annamaria Kalit

    Team Assistant Europe
  • Ina Klose

    Manager Finance and Controlling
  • Thomas Kouroughli

    Analyst International Energy Data and Modelling
  • Oleksandra Kovalenko

    Officer Project Controlling
  • Samarth Kumar

    Analyst International Energy Data and Modelling
  • Ernst Kuneman

    Project Manager
  • Alexandra Langenheld

    Lead Efficiency Policy
  • Thorsten Lenck

    Senior Associate
  • Sara Linowski

    Student Assistant EnerTracks
  • Olaf Malden

    Office Operations Lead
  • Maxi Matzanke

    Events and Communications Officer
  • Dr. Julia Metz

    Lead Industry Policy
  • Dr. Jahel Mielke

    Director Communications
  • Shahriar Mohammadzadeh

    Student Assistant Team Industry
  • Marianna Morra-Skryabina

    International Outreach Manager
  • Simon Müller

    Director Germany
  • Paul Münnich

    Project Officer Climate-Neutral Industry
  • Mackenzie Nelson

    Project Manager EnerTracks
  • Nga Ngo Thuy

    Project Officer International Coal Transition
  • Anja Nguyen

    Finance Officer
  • Hai Long Nguyen

    Analyst International Energy Data and Modelling
  • Dr. Camilla Oliveira

    Project Manager Industry
  • Monika Olszewski

    Manager Finanzen und Controlling
  • Caroline Paul

    Project Officer Hydrogen
  • Dimitri Pescia

    Programme Lead Southeast Asia
  • Frank Peter

    Director Industry Programme
  • Pujantoro

    Mentari Pujantoro

    Project Manager International Energy Transitions
  • Vincent Rebmann

    IT Operator
  • Birgit Reck

    Team Assistant International
  • Dr. Christian Redl

    Senior Associate European Energy Cooperation
  • Louis Rischkau

    IT Administrator
  • Sonja Risteska

    Project Manager Southeast Europe
  • Mathis Rogner

    Project Manager Southeast Asia
  • Sandy Rosenhauer

    Human Resources Manager
  • Dr. Gerd Rosenkranz

    Author/ Senior Associate Key Issues (until March 2017)
  • Ada Ruehring

    Design & Production Manager
  • Dr. Supawan Saelim

    Project Manager Energy Policy Southeast Asia
  • Dr. Barbara Saerbeck

    Senior Associate Key Questions
  • Naila Saleh

    Project Manager
  • Dr. Oliver Sartor

    Senior Advisor Industry
  • Jesse Scott

    Director International Programme
  • Aylin Shawkat

    Project Manager Industry
  • Kinita Shenoy

    International Communications Manager
  • Markus Steigenberger

    Managing Director
  • Janek Steitz

    Project Manager
  • Dr. Tharinya Supasa

    Project Lead Energy Policy Southeast Asia
  • Frauke Thies

    Managing Director
  • Dr. Utz Tillmann

    Senior Advisor Industry
  • Elzbieta Torczynska

    HR Officer
  • Kevin Tu

    Senior Advisor China
  • Oliver von Eitzen Toni

    Student Assistant Industry
  • Li (Isadora) Wang

    Senior Advisor China Industry
  • Gloria Watzinger

    Social Media Manager
  • Sophie Wei

    Advisor Project Coordinator
  • Anja Werner

    Media Designer Print & Web
  • Witecka

    Wido K. Witecka

    Project Manager Industry
  • Lidia Wojtal

    Project Lead International Network INETTT
  • Zhou Yang

    Advisor China
  • Dr. Kwanghee Yeom

    Senior Associate South Korea
  • Dr. Ming Yin

    Senior Advisor China Power
  • Run Zhang-Class

    Project Manager China

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