Warsaw Institute for Economic Studies (WISE)

Warsaw Institute for Economic Studies (WISE)

The Warsaw Institute of Economic Studies (WISE) is a modern, independent think tank. They focus on strategic consultancy, economic and institutional analysis, as well as economic impact assessment of public policies. WISE combines scientific curiosity and professional analytical skills with experience in both public and private sectors.

Above all, their interest consists in social sciences with particular focus on economics and management science. WISE is interested in conducting basic research as well as its practical applications for social and economic life, and contemporary – Polish and European – public policy. Their advantage is the use and development of quantitative methods: statistical analysis, macroeconomic and systems modeling, processing and analysis of Big Data.

WISE believes that in a free society, before important public decisions are made, a comprehensive and material discussion must take place. A valuable debate must serve the purpose of developing solutions which would support Poland’s modernization, while reconciling conflicting interests. Such a discussion must not only be open and transparent but also factual and material. Thus, active participation in Polish public debates and involvement in decisions of key social groups interested in the future of our country are at the center of our mission.

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