Arepo Consult

Arepo Consult is a private consulting company founded by Dr. Christine Wörlen in 2009. AREPO stands for „All on Renewable energy and energy Efficiency POlicy”. The main areas of consulting practice are national and international energy and climate policy, focusing on concepts and strategies in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as monitoring and evaluation of climate change policies. Arepo Consult analyzes programs supporting sustainable energies and clean energy market conditions, and advises decision makers in government, civil society and the private sector on how to adjust to or change these framework conditions in order to facilitate sustainable energy effectively and efficiently. The development of roadmaps, barrier removal strategies and optimization recommendations with respect to the integration of renewable energy into existing energy services is a major focus of Arepo’s work for private and public clients. Another area of expertise is the development and application of monitoring and evaluation programs and advisory services with respect to improving ongoing programs. Arepo Consult works in the national as well as the international context with clients such as the Federal German and other governments, private firms (e.g. consultancies, banks), development organizations, NGOs, foundations and scientific stakeholders. Arepo Consult has gained experience in a large number of developing and developed countries.

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