Xiaodan (Joyce) Yuan

Xiaodan (Joyce)  Yuan

    Xiaodan Yuan (Joyce) is the Executive Director of the Beijing Energy Network, a professional network that seeks to promote collaboration among advocates and experts in Beijing and beyond on China’s energy and environmental challenges. She is also host and Executive Producer of the “Environmental China” podcast under the network. Xiaodan has over 7 years of experience as a researcher, activist, and entrepreneur working on the global environmental issues of air quality and climate change. She is the co-author of Innovation for Sustainability: Circular Entrepreneurship Comparision Between UK and China, an ongoing joint research initiative by Tsinghua University and Cambridge University.


    During the EnerTracks Fellowship, Xiaodan will research on the Hydrogen Application in Industry in Europe.


    Xiaodan holds a bachelor's degree of Journalism and Public Relations from Hong Kong Baptist University United International College.

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