Nathalia Paes Leme

Executive Director Advisor of the E+ Energy Transition Institute

Nathalia Paes  Leme

    Nathalia Paes Leme is the executive director advisor of the E+ Energy Transition Institute, a think tank based in Brazil. Nathalia is an Electrical Engineer, with a background in astronomy and a B.A. in cinema. She also has a specialization in systems analysis, design & management. Currently, she is a Master candidate at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Nathalia has a multi-disciplinary trajectory, with experience in communication and technical energy. She has work experience in the private and third sectors, and has been working since 2019 with energy transition, with institutional development and reviewing technical studies developed by the Institute. During the EnerTracks Fellowship, Nathalia will expand her studies on the cross-cutting role of digitalization and will work to improve discussions on the following questions: to what extent digitalization can be a game changer in the perspective of the energy transition towards deep decarbonization and where can digitalization be inserted to enhance the benefits and reduce the challenges.


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    #Heatpumps & #districtheating help phase-out fossil fuels. Norway nearly got rid of all fossils for heating in buildings by subsidizing heat pumps, CO2 pricing, more district heating & banning fossil-based boilers. More with our #SuccessStories video: 1/2

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