Mohammad H. Ghafouri

Managing Director at AYSA LLC and Member of the Board at Iran Renewable Energy Association

Mohammad H.  Ghafouri

Mohammad H. Ghafouri is working at the AYSA LLC, an engineering company, where he is involved in the development of wind farms and solar power plants for Iran. In his work he is in close exchange with international partners. In addition, he is a board member of the Iran Renewable Energy Association (IRRENA). Mohammad completed the Master’s course Global Production Engineering “Solar” at the TU Berlin and the Bachelor’s programme Mechanical Engineering at the Sharif University in Teheran.

During his EnerTracks Fellowship he will be working on storage solutions.

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Ralph Ruthe
Ralph Ruthe


13 September

+ der Golfstrom (die „Wärmepumpe“ Mitteleuropas) sich abschwächt. Es geht jetzt um alles und dafür brauchen wir alle. Bitte sagt es weiter, beteiligt euch an den Streiks und erzählt euren Nachbarn, Kolleginnen, Chefs, Verwandten und Kommilitonen davon. Bitte guckt nicht weg.

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