Lina Maria Puerto Chaves

Associate at Transforma in Bogotá, Colombia

Lina Maria Puerto Chaves

Lina Maria Puerto Chaves is an Associate at Transforma – a not-for-profit environmental organisation and think tank in Colombia. There she supports evidence-based advocacy to increase climate ambition in decision-making spheres, specifically aimed at including coal in the Colombian carbon tax, and fostering an informed dialogue on decarbonisation. Simultaneously, Lina Maria assists the Climate and Development group of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) with research on the political economy of the energy transformation in developing countries.

She has a law degree from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia with a postgraduate specialization in Environmental Law from the Universidad Externado in Bogotá, Colombia, and also holds a Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Lina Maria has experience in environmental legal compliance in the energy sector and has been a consultant for initiatives such as 100 Resilient Cities from the Rockefeller Foundation and WWF's One Planet City Challenge.

During her stay at Agora Energiewende, Lina Maria is exploring the implications that a global energy transition, more specifically commitments to shift from coal power generation to renewable energy, may have on coal exporting countries, which are developing or emerging economies.

Klimabilanz 2021: #Industrie erreicht Sektorziel trotz leicht steigender #Emissionen. Branchen erholen sich unterschiedl. stark; teilweise noch Lieferengpässe. Um die 2030-Ziele zu erfüllen, sind jetzt Investitionen in klimafreundliche Verfahren notwendig👉

Die aktuelle @LageNation: Sonderausgabe (1/2) zum #Windkraftausbau in Deutschland. DE-Direktor @SimonGMueller erklärt unter anderem, wie sich Windkraftausbau und Vogelschutz vereinbaren lassen.…

The analysis by @AgoraEW shows that #WB6 need to step up the integration of their power markets and introduce CO2 pricing systems to avoid paying the CO2 border tax prepared by the EU. Furthermore, new coal-fired power plants would bring heavy losses.…

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