Michael Schäfer

Senior Associate Policy

Michael Schäfer worked at Agora Energiewende as Senior Associate Policy focusing on key issues of national and European policy. Before that he was Director Climate and Energy at WWF Germany and member of the Leadership Team of WWF International`s Climate and Energy Practice. From 2006 to 2016 he served as a member of the Berlin House of Representatives. Before he was Head of Staff to Reinhard Bütikofer, Co-Chairman of the Green Party. Michael Schäfer started his career as a copywriter at Kolle Rebbe agency in Hamburg. He holds a Diploma in Administrative Studies.

I'm proud to lead this letter alongside @n_roettgen and 68 of our colleagues from around the G7 world calling on our leaders to collaborate on our many challenges from the Chinese Communist Party. pic.twitter.com/oBljtS9p2p

@goldkaeferli @NABU_de Der NABU besteht aus 720.000 Mitgliedern, denen die Umwelt und unsere Erde am Herzen liegt. Falls es keine Position zur Holzverbrennung geben sollte, kann sie demokratisch entwickelt werden. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen und Ihre Themen und Argumente einzubringen.

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