Frauke Storch

Senior Associate for the activities in China (until May 2017)

Frauke  Storch

Unitil May 2017 Frauke Storch worked as a project manager for the activities of Agora Energiewende in China. From 2001 to 2014 she worked in the energy sector as an engineer for mining. At RWE Power AG she was employed as a senior associate and oversaw activities in the area of coal mining. She subsequently worked at E.ON Energie AG, where she directed projects in the area of energy generation and distribution. Frauke Storch lived in China for several years prior to joining Agora Energiewende. In addition to her primary occupation, she provides coaching and counseling on issues related to reconciling family and professional life.

Vorschläge von @AgoraEW zur besseren Vereinbarkeit von Windkraft und Artenschutz: Kurzfristig: Umsetzung des Individuenschutzes verbessern (Standardisierung der Vorgaben, Konkretisierung der Ausnahmeregeln) Mittelfristig: Übergang zu Populationsschutz…

Klimaschutz ist ein zentraler Punkt der #Koalitionsverhandlungen. Doch wie sieht das aus, wenn DE bis 2045 #klimaneutral wohnt, fährt & produziert? Unser Film (Koop. mit @fraunhofer_iee) zeigt, wie eine erfolgreiche #Energiewende Lebensqualität schafft:

Key chart from @EU_Commission 1) In most EU countries, total subsidies to renewables are not higher than those given to fossil fuels; 2) Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Czechia spend 0.8-0.9% GDP to subsidise renewables

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