Dr. Thies F. Clausen

Senior Associate (until July 2016)

Thies F.  Clausen

    Before joining Agora in 2014, Dr. Thies F. Clausen worked as Political Director of bne, a German trade association advocating the interests of new entrants to the energy market. He also served as bne’s expert on questions of electricity market design. From 2007 to 2010, he was teaching political science at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Dr. Thies F. Clausen studied in Heidelberg, Paris, Berlin and at Stanford University (USA) and earned degrees in both economics and humanities. For his work on the relation between microeconomic and philosophical conceptions of rationality he received a doctorate in political science in 2008.

    Jetzt die Aufzeichnung unseres Events "Klimaneutrale Industrie" v 26.11. gucken: youtube.com/watch?v=rUDrbC… Die einzelnen Beiträgen sind unten klickbar @SabineNallinger @Ingrid_Nestle @SLechtenbohmer @holger_loesch @sachkarsten @stahl_online @P_Graichen @FraPe0101 #zukunftindustrie

    In the past few days, #windpower has supplied more than half of the electricity in Germany. Electricity mix was therefore comparatively climate-friendly. @AgoraEW #COP25 #renewableenergy #energytransition #Energiewende @COP25CL twitter.com/AgoraEW/status… pic.twitter.com/tIjnyO3YMl

    @Antiaktivist1 Das stimmt. Allerdings reagiert Steinkohle schon seit Jahren sehr flexibel. Interessant ist, dass Gas neben Braunkohle am Markt bleibt und nicht stärker einsenkt. Das war nicht immer so

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