Anja Katthöfer

Assistant to the Executive Director (until September 2019)

Anja  Katthöfer

Anja Katthöfer joined Agora Energiewende right from the start. She has experience in IT security for consumers and IT in education, having worked on these issues for different initiatives. Before that she worked for many years in the German Bundestag for several MPs on various topics. After earning her M.A., she spent a year in Italy on a grant from the Guggenheim Collection. Anja Katthöfer studied art history, political science, and history in Münster and Kiel.

....55 Euro/MWh - wow!…

Die Giga-Factories von #Tesla werden alle mit zusätzlichem Erneuerbaren Strom beliefert. Für die geplante neue Fabrik heißt das, dass allein für sie 680 MW zusätzliche Windanlagen in Brandenburg gebraucht werden. Problem: Die Wind-Abstandsregelung dürfte das verhindern.…

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