Nele Mohr

Project Assistant

Nele  Mohr

Nele Mohr has been working as a Project Assistant for the Agora Energiewende Team International since August 2018. She previously worked as an administrator and a reception manager at a hotel in Hamburg. Nele is trained in hotel management and spent two 6-month periods in the USA improving her English.

German power market developments June 2020 vs. June 2019: More electricity from natural gas while coal-fired generation is massively reduced. Electricity demand continues to be weak and also renewables lose compared to June 2019.

Strommarkt-Vergleich Juni 2020/Juni 2019: Deutlich mehr Strom aus Erdgas, Kohleverstromung lässt hingegen massiv nach. Stromverbrauch weiter gering und auch EE verlieren im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat.

German power generation in June 2020: Renewables (especially PV) have a hard time beating the exceptionally hot June 2019. However, due to the continued weaker electricity demand, the share remains at 46%. Most powerful force is natural gas, lignite only ranks 3rd.

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