Dr. Stephanie Ropenus

Senior Associate (until July 2019)

Stephanie  Ropenus
  • Topic:

    Stephanie Ropenus joined Agora Energiewende as a Senior Associate in June 2014. She is responsible for grid integration, digitalization as well as the Nordic countries. Her recent projects looked into innovative tools for grid operation to increase the utilization of existing grid capacity and the development of concepts for “smart markets”, i.e., flexibility markets for managing grid congestion. Before she worked as a policy advisor at the German WindEnergy Association, with a special focus on grid integration, from 2010 to 2014. Her areas of expertise comprise both political and technical aspects (network codes) of grid integration as well as the revision of energy laws (in particular, Renewable Energy Act and German Energy Act). She established and coordinated the “Grids Working Group” within her association. Prior to that, Stephanie Ropenus worked as a scientist in the field of energy economics at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark (today DTU) in Roskilde/Denmark. Her research focused on European projects on the integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity sector. Stephanie Ropenus took her PhD in economics on "Distributed Generation in European Electricity Markets - Current Challenges and Future Opportunities". She received an M.Sc. in EU Business and Law from the Aarhus School of Business.

    @fln_mlr Revisionen spielen eine Rolle: Isar und Gundremmingen.preussenelektra.de/de/unser-unter… sowie group.rwe/presse/rwe-nuc… Außerdem sieht man insbesondere Anfang Juli, dass #Kernkraftwerke im Lastfolgebetrieb laufen agora-energiewende.de/service/agoram…

    German #powermarket developments July 2020 vs July 2019: Renewables gain 6% compared to July 2019. Power generation from natural gas plants increases as well, while coal-fired generation is declining significantly. Due to #COVID19, electricity demand remains low. pic.twitter.com/bSGsn0JrTB

    Strommarkt-Vergleich Juli 2020/Juli 2019: #ErneuerbareEnergie|n erzeugen 6% mehr Strom als im Vorjahresjuli. Auch die Stromerzeugung aus Gaskraftwerken legt deutlich zu. Die Kohleverstromung geht hingegen stark zurück. Der Stromverbrauch ist #COVID19-bedingt ebenfalls gering. pic.twitter.com/JoSqLlW0j9

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