Senior Advisors

  • Daniel Argyropoulos

    Senior Associate Global Energy Transition (until July 2018)
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Praetorius

    Professor of Economics (Main Focus on Environmental Economics) / Deputy Director (until March 2017)
  • Frauke Storch

    Senior Associate for the activities in China (until May 2017)

Former Employees

  • Michael Schäfer

    Senior Associate Policy
  • Rainer Baake

    Executive Director (until January 2014)
  • Ulrich Bärtels

    Head of Administration (until October 2020)
  • Dr. Thies F. Clausen

    Senior Associate (until July 2016)
  • Jeannine Dressler

    Associate, Administration and Finance (until October 2019)
  • Daniel Fürstenwerth

    Senior Associate (until April 2015)
  • Dr. Fabian Joas

    Senior Associate EU Electricity Market | Industrial Policy and the Energiewende (until December 2019)
  • Helena Kansanen

    Operations Manager (until July 2020)
  • Anja Katthöfer

    Assistant to the Executive Director (until September 2019)
  • Benjamin J. Kees

    Head of IT (until August 2019)
  • Sophie Krüger

    Ecological Volunteer (until May 2019)
  • Johann Kurz

    Ecological Volunteer (until March 2020)
  • Dr. Joanna Mackowiak Pandera

    Senior Associate (until July 2016)
  • Susanna Mocker

    Advisor (until April 2018)
  • Nele Mohr

    Project Assistant (until December 2019)
  • Nga Ngo Thuy

    Student Assistant (until November 2020)
  • Kevin Oswald

    Visiting Associate (until July 2018)
  • Cecilia Reyes Retana

    Student Assistant International/Latin America (until December 2019)
  • Dr. Stephanie Ropenus

    Senior Associate (until July 2019)
  • Dr. Alice Sakhel

    Associate, Energy Statistics and Scenarios (until September 2019)
  • Heiko  Stubner

    Heiko Stubner

    Senior Associate (until October 2013)
  • Stefan Tidow

    Senior Associate (until December 2016)
  • Lars Waldmann

    Senior Associate (until October 2015)
  • Dr. Shuwei Zhang

    Senior Associate (until December 2019)

☝️ Jetzt noch anmelden für unseren Jahresrückblick auf die deutsche Energiewende im Corona-Jahr 2020. Klimaziel erreicht, Erneuerbare Energien toppen fossile Stromproduktion, also alles super? Warum das nicht so ist klären wir am DO, 14.01., 10 - 11 Uhr 👉…

1/ A follow-up on: What can the EU industry contribute to the 🇪🇺 2030 climate target of -55%? Let's take a look at some key low-carbon technologies. Today: Direct reduced iron (DRI), steel #EUGreenDeal #cleanindustry…

Reminder: Wir suchen eine neue Leitung Kommunikation. Mit Journalismus-Know-How, Kontakt + Expertise in der Klima- & Energieszene & vor allem einer glühenden Leidenschaft energiepolitische Themen in der Öffentlichkeit zu vermitteln. Hier geht's zur Stelle:…

The tendency is clear: Plenty of coal + little renewables lead to high electricity prices. Overal, Corona led to a decreased demand and thus a drop in power price. Shown are average day ahead prices for 2020 from @nordpool @ENTSO_E and Energylive.

Are you (or do you know someone who is) a young professional with a few years of experience who would like to spend a few years in Thailand on an interesting project with awesome colleagues like @PhilippLitz? Then have a look below.…

Coal in Germany halved within 5 years. Renewables increased 13-fold since 1990. Coal vs. Renewables in Germany 1990 to 2020. #Jahresauswertung #Renewables #climateprotection #coalexit

In 2020 for the first time in Germany renewable sources produced more electricity than all fossil capacities (lignite, coal, gas, oil) combined.

Am 14.01. um 10h gibt's den Jahresrückblick auf die Energiewende im Corona-Jahr 2020. Wo stehen wir bei Energiewende & Erneuerbaren Energien, welchen Effekt hatte Corona und natürlich: Was 2021 wichtig wird in Sachen #Klima & Energie? Jetzt anmelden:…

Und am 14.01. stellen die Autoren @FabianHein8 und Thorsten Lenck alle Ergebnisse des Agora-Jahresrückblicks "Die Energiewende im Corona-Jahr: Stand der Dinge 2020" im Detail online vor. Zur Anmeldung für das Online-Event geht es hier entlang:…

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