Senior Advisors

  • Daniel Argyropoulos

    Senior Associate Global Energy Transition
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Praetorius

    Professor of Economics (Main Focus on Environmental Economics) / Deputy Director (until March 2017)
  • Frauke Storch

    Senior Associate for the activities in China (until May 2017)

Former Employees

  • Rainer Baake

    Executive Director (until 1/8/2014)
  • Dr. Thies F. Clausen

    Senior Associate (until July 2016)
  • Dr. Fabian Joas

    Senior Associate EU Electricity Market | Industrial Policy and the Energiewende
  • Cecilia Reyes Retana

    Student Assistant International/Latin America
  • Nele Mohr

    Project Assistant
  • Jeannine Dressler

    Associate, Administration and Finance
  • Daniel Fürstenwerth

    Senior Associate (until April 2015)
  • Anja Katthöfer

    Assistant to the Executive Director (until September 2019)
  • Sophie Krüger

    Ecological Volunteer
  • Johann Kurz

    Ecological Volunteer (until March 2020)
  • Dr. Joanna Mackowiak Pandera

    Senior Associate (until July 2016)
  • Susanna Mocker

    Advisor (until April 2018)
  • Kevin Oswald

    Visiting Associate (until July 2018)
  • Dr. Stephanie Ropenus

    Senior Associate (until July 2019)
  • Dr. Shuwei Zhang

    Senior Associate
  • Dr. Alice Sakhel

    Associate, Energy Statistics and Scenarios (until September 2019)
  • Benjamin J. Kees

    Head of IT
  • Heiko  Stubner

    Heiko Stubner

    Senior Associate (until October 2013)
  • Stefan Tidow

    Senior Associate (until December 2016)
  • Lars Waldmann

    Senior Associate (until October 2015)

German power market developments June 2020 vs. June 2019: More electricity from natural gas while coal-fired generation is massively reduced. Electricity demand continues to be weak and also renewables lose compared to June 2019.

Strommarkt-Vergleich Juni 2020/Juni 2019: Deutlich mehr Strom aus Erdgas, Kohleverstromung lässt hingegen massiv nach. Stromverbrauch weiter gering und auch EE verlieren im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat.

German power generation in June 2020: Renewables (especially PV) have a hard time beating the exceptionally hot June 2019. However, due to the continued weaker electricity demand, the share remains at 46%. Most powerful force is natural gas, lignite only ranks 3rd.

Stromerzeugung Juni 2020: Den EE (besonders PV) fällt es schwer, den außergewöhnlich heißen Juni 2019 zu toppen. Aufgrund der geringen Stromnachfrage bleibt der Anteil aber auch im Juni 2020 bei 46%. Stärkste Kraft wird Erdgas, Braunkohle landet nur noch auf Platz 3.

Unsere Halbjahresauswertung der Stromerzeugung hat ergeben: CO₂-Emissionen sinken deutlich, Kohlekraftwerke machen keine Gewinne, Erneuerbare decken 50 Prozent des Stromverbrauchs, Stromnachfrage weiter auf geringem Niveau #Energiewende @FabianHein8…

Von passiver Befürwortung zu aktiver Unterstützung - unsere Handlungsempfehlungen für mehr Akzeptanz und lokale Teilhabe in der Energiewende sind online. #Energiewende #Akzeptanz @mmkleiner…

"The #EU is left with two options: either introducing border adjustments or low-carbon product standards, while progressively diminishing the use of free allocation.” Oliver Sartor, Senior Associate Industry Policy @AgoraEW comments in @TheEconomist

Explore Forumetr - our new interactive tool to visualise real-time electricity market data for Poland and neighbouring countries. Forumetr is available in Polish and English! ▶

We are looking forward to present our proposal on a dual-benefit stimulus. @schaefer_berlin will present the measures applicable to other countries. For a smart recovery, we must invest in climate mitigation now, not later. Register today for our webinar▶️…

We are delighted to present to you the 2020 Sustainability Forum speakers 🌍💙🌳. We hope to see you there!! ➡️ Registration is now open -…. #EnCSusty #energytransition #sustainability

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